Sneaker Tokyo Vol 2 “Hiroshi Fujiwara”

Sneaker Tokyo Vol 2 Hiroshi Fujiwara

Billingual Edition

Publisher: Marine Publishing Co., Ltd.

Publication Date: 4/25/2010

Author/Editor: SHOES MASTER Magazine

Language: Japanese and English

ISBN: 9784895123891

160 Pages

The second book in the Sneaker Tokyo series by SHOES MASTER is a hard-cover that is entirely about the legendary Hiroshi Fujiwara (the “H” in HTM, amongst many other accolades), “a man whose name has become synonymous with Tokyo’s sneaker culture.”

“Hiroshi, who is reputed as the ultimate pursuer of all of ‘cool’ in a range of occupations such as music, fashion and art, has over the years applied his sharp sense and phenomenal eye for quality to the world of sneakers…This publication archives Hiroshi’s historical connection to sneakers in just under 80 pages.  You will also find interviews with other key figures from the industry such as Nike CEO, Mark Parker…and a record of Hiroshi’s past in correlation with the history of Tokyo’s sneaker culture.” – page 11

Sneakerature’s take – An incredibly cool and elucidating window into the life of the multifaceted and well-known streetwear extraordinaire.  Hiroshi Fujiwara is something of an enigma of cool, yet as this book shows, his approach to life and products is refined, clean and orderly.

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