Sneaker Tokyo The past, present, and future of Sneaker culture in Tokyo

Sneaker Tokyo Volume 1

Billingual Edition

Publisher: Marine Publishing Co., Ltd.

Publication Date: 3/10/2009

Language: Japanese and English

ISBN: 9784895123754

184 Pages

Created by the meticulous folks at SHOES MASTER Magazine to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the magazine, this is the first of 4 volumes of Sneaker Tokyo.  The bilingual version is written in both Japanese and English, although the majority is in Japanese.

The first 90 or so pages are the editors choices of the top sneakers from the first 5 years of SHOES MASTER, followed by interviews with Hiroshi Fujiwara (who the next Sneaker Tokyo book was entirely dedicated to), Mita’s Shigeyuki Kunii, Whiz’s Hiroaki Shitano, Jimon Terakado, and Chapter’s Hommyo Hidefumi and Jun Mikami.

“Sneakers are not just an ‘athletic shoe’.  It is a culture. Sneakers have leaped from its original play fields, the court and racetrack, and delved into different worlds in response to various elements, such as fashion, music, art, skateboard and etc. making it its own culture.” – pg. 6

Sneakerature’s take – Japanese sneaker culture is always a step (or five) ahead of the rest of the game, and SHOES MASTER as well as their Sneaker Tokyo books are a perfect example of why.  Their attention to detail and insistence on showing appreciation and reverence for even the most (seemingly) innocuous of details is second to none.  A true staple for those who wish to understand what it is to holistically appreciate the sneaker.

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