Sneaker Freaker The Book: 2002-05

Sneaker Freaker the Book

Publisher: Riverhead Freestyle, Penguin Group (USA) Inc.

Publication Date: 2005

Author(s): Sneaker Freaker

Language: English

ISBN: 1594481679

320 Pages

Released in 2005, Sneaker Freaker The Book is an amalgamation of the first six issues of the Australian based Sneaker Freaker magazine.  Included are pieces about Feit, Vans, Dave White, Deluded Monkey and a ton more.

“Limited editions, samples, Japan only colours, quickstrike, hyperstrike, Hong Kong knock-offs, deadstock, customs, vintage, small-runs, one-offs, artist collabs, retailer tie-ins, player-protos, retro reissues…all this fans the flames, keeps us fiends fiending and not eating for weeks so we can afford our sneaks” – Woody, intro

“Do it for the love of the game, do it proudly, honestly, with a great sense of humour and the rest will take care of itself.” – Woody, intro

Sneakerature’s take – Sneaker Freaker is without question the authority when it comes to sneakers and sneaker culture. Woody and the rest of the SF crew have a genuine and obsessive love and appreciation for all things sneaker, and that comes across in every piece they publish.  Whether it’s a brand book (no other organization has been granted the type of access that SF has had across all brands), one of their magazines, or an article posted on their website, when Sneaker Freaker writes something, the sneaker world reads and listens.

Sneaker Freaker the Book is available on Amazon


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