New Balance System 88 – Running & Racing Brochure



New Balance System 88 – Running & Racing Brochure

Author/Publisher: New Balance UK

Year Published: 1988

A New Balance UK brochure from 1988, touting “a ‘System’ of sixteen running shoes that meet the individual needs of every runner”, dubbed the System 88. Within is explained the various technologies, lasts (including outlines of the shapes), materials and of course the 16 models themselves. Each model has: country of origin (including a Made in UK 996?!), shoe weight in grams, sizes and widths it comes in, its relative cushioning, stability and durability, what it’s ideal for in terms of running pace, weight (in stone), mileage, surface type, and day/night usage.

Sneakerature’s Take: This brochure is a veritable treasure trove for anyone trying to learn about (or for those that fiend after) New Balance, and indeed sneaker design and technologies in general.  Each shoe’s build is broken down by individual piece and described in great detail, as are all of the NB technologies and lasts. Even multiple typos (including calling the 996 the 966 not once, but twice) aren’t enough to take away from this incredible documentation of NB history and lore.

Bonus pic of all 16 shoes:


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