Golden Kicks – The Shoes That Changed Sport


Golden Kicks – The Shoes That Changed Sport

Author: Jason Coles

Publisher: Bloomsbury Sport

Publication Date: 11/1/2016

Language: English

ISBN: 9781472937049

224 Pages

Sneakers have done so much more than help athletes achieve previously unthinkable feats, indeed they’ve come to symbolize those feats, endowing their wearer with a small piece of the greatness from years past.  Despite (or perhaps because of) his initial proclamation of having, “never really given (sneakers) much thought” until several years ago, Jason Coles does a truly wonderful job of telling the stories behind some of the most influential sneakers in history. From those with irrevocably legendary status (Converse All Star, adidas Stan Smith, New Balance Trackster, Puma Clyde, Vans #95 Era, Nike Moon Shoe, Air Jordan I, Nike Air Force 1) to the lesser known, yet every bit as remarkable (Karhu Helsinki Spikes, adidas Weltrekord, adidas Grand Slam, Nike Pre Montreal Racer) and so many more, Coles contextualizes the shoes in such a way that even the most seasoned sneaker enthusiast will find him/herself learning something new.

Perhaps the best description of this book however is actually written in the introduction, by the legendary Stan Smith, the man behind the shoe that’s, “so popular in fact, that many fans don’t even realize that I’m an actual person, not a shoe!”. He writes, “We all take our shoes for granted – it’s part of their job – but I hope after reading Golden Kicks, next time you put on those simple white shoes with the green heel tab (or whatever your favorite sneakers happen to be), you might appreciate just a little more, the stories that you’re quite literally wearing on your feet.”

Sneakerature’s Take: The level of research done and care attended to each of the 57 stories told in Golden Kicks is evident from the very first page. Every bit as important, the images accompanying the stories provide genuine depth and context, and in multiple instances, will have sneakerheads geeking out (those Karhu Helsinki Spikes are incredible, and those red and blue NB Tracksters, oooweee!!). This book is sneakerature at its finest.

Golden Kicks is available for global purchase here


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