The Fabric of Our Culture; From Cloth to Concrete

The Fabric of Our Culture; From Cloth to Concrete

Author: New Balance (The History Factory?)

Publication Date: ~2015/16

Language: English

42 Pages


Released in conjunction with the opening of New Balance’s brand new headquarters, this is a tough one to get your hands on. The book details how NB’s heritage and history served as inspiration and blueprint for the architecture and layout of the new headquarters building at Boston Landing in Brighton, MA. There are easter eggs galore throughout the building (and outside), including but certainly not limited to:

  • Each floor has a track running around it, made of the same track material used in Beijing and London
  • 6.4 laps around each floor’s track is 1 mile
  • The welcome sign outside of the headquarters is in fact a map designed in the footprint of the original 990
  • The massive lobby desk is bookended by two original United Shoe machinery “C” clicker cutters

Sneakerature’s Take: Equal parts treasure map, tribute and reference book, this is a wonderful summary of how New Balance incorporated and built it’s extensive history into the very framework of its new headquarters.