Iconic – 574

Iconic – 574

Author: Sneaker Freaker

Publication Date: February 2018

Language: English

114 Pages


To coincide with the re-release of the 574, New Balance and Sneaker Freaker published a book that examines the history and cultural significance of the heavily worn but rarely hyped 574. Unavailable for purchase, the book was gifted to a select few NB enthusiasts and/or collectors around the globe.

Something of an anthology of essays about and/or inspired by the 574, the book is intro’d by Woody and includes:

  • How to Live Forever – written by Adam Jane, photos by Tim Daws – an examination of the history of the model
  • Fruits of Tokyo – photos by Shoichi Aoki, the creator of STREET, TUNE and FRUiTS Magazines, a collection of some of the best photos of 574s from the pages of FRUiTS magazine over the last 20 years
  • The Best Limited Edition 574s – written by Vinny Tang, photos by Andy Day
  • Refined by Design – written by Adam Jane, photos by Tim Daws, a Material Matters section devoted to the 574
  • The Spice of Life – written by Adam Jane, illustrations by James Fox Rogers
  • Interviews with Kevin Downie (NB collector with over 100 574s in his collection), Hidetaka Yamada (NB Japan footwear design manager that oversaw the development of the 574 Sport) and Dominic Chambrone aka The Shoe Surgeon
  • A photographic essay detailing the NB1 production facility in Lawrence, Massachusetts (photos by Bryant Naro)
  • A preview of Spring 2018 574 releases

Sneakerature’s Take:┬áIn the best sense possible, exactly what you would expect from a Sneaker Freaker project – meticulous research, revelatory and engaging writing, beautiful and informative photography and f*cking-difficult-to-get-your-hands-on availability.

For those that are not able to find a copy, Sneaker Freaker posted a 574 Microsite that contains virtually all of the content within the book.