Sneaker Tokyo vol. 4 addicted to “adidas”

Sneaker Tokyo Vol 4 addicted to adidas

Billingual Edition

Publisher: Marine Publishing Co., Ltd.

Publication Date: 4/25/2015, 5/10/2012

Author/Editor: SHOES MASTER Magazine

Language: Japanese and English

ISBN: 9784895125628, 4895125629

The fourth in the Sneaker Tokyo series by SHOES MASTER Magazine, this book is entirely dedicated to adidas; “it should be pointed out that…this publications does not attempt to inform our readers of everything there is to know about adidas…We have limited our focus for this book to sneakers, particular areas of interest from our Tokyo perspective.” – Prologue

“Instead of looking in the past, we considered it would be more worthwhile to communicate the now and the future of addias.  We hope that by reading this book, those who like adidas will grow to love it even more, and for others, this book will become a reason to grow closer to adidas.” – Prologue

Sneakerature’s take – With Sneaker Tokyo vol. 3 entirely dedicated to Puma, the malevolent sibling rivalry that’s lasted the better part of a century made it a foregone conclusion that adidas would have it’s own Sneaker Tokyo book.  A great book, and unfortunately thus far, the last in the Sneaker Tokyo series.

Sneaker Tokyo vol. 4 is available on Amazon


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