Sneaker Tokyo vol. 3 “PUMA” as You’ve Never Seen them Before

Sneaker Tokyo vol 3 PUMA as you've never seen them before

Billingual Edition

Publisher: Marine Publishing Co., Ltd.

Publication Date: 8/25/2010

Author/Editor: SHOES MASTER Magazine

Language: Japanese and English

ISBN: 9784895123921, 4895123928

161 Pages

The third in the Sneaker Tokyo series by SHOES MASTER Magazine, this book is entirely dedicated to Puma, “It all began last year, when we were researching PUMA’s history for a special feature. It was then we, editors of SHOES MASTER discovered there was a lot we did not know about the brand.” – Foreword

Included are interviews with Puma collectors, a visit to Herzogenaurach, rare Puma’s, a look at the heritage and technologies, information about Puma’s Made in Japan sneakers, collaborations throughout the years, a historical timeline and where Puma can be bought in Japan.

“With this book, we have aimed to learn and introduce more about PUMA and their true identity…Through this publication we have attempted to wake up the PUMA that sleeps in Germany, and find out more about what the future holds for the brand.” – Foreword

Sneakerature’s take – When one of the foremost authorities on understanding sneakers and sneaker culture doesn’t quite understand the lifeblood¬†of a particular sneaker brand, it’s a toss-up as to which of the two should be more worried. ¬†That being said, Sneaker Tokyo summed up the way that a lot of people feel about Puma: they have some incredible products, an impressive history, and a spot at the table of sneaker culture, but who they actually are as a brand is more than slightly ambiguous.

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