Nike – Review Zero Zero

Nike – Review Zero Zero

Author: Nike/Nike Design

Publication Date: 2000

74 pages

Released in 2000, this book is, “a small sample of the recent design work completed by the roughly 350 designers working at Nike as well as a glimpse into their world” (pg. 72). There are anecdotes and notes of forgotten history galore residing within the pages including:

  • the license plate adorning the cover is Bill Bowerman’s actual license plate; it was found being used as a bracket to support a shelf in Bowerman’s garage by then Nike Global Creative Director and current VP of Design John Hoke III
  • images of the first prototypes of what would become Nike Shox from 1984 that, “looked a bit like a medieval torture device and served much the same purpose”
  • a custom ACG vest designed for iguanas (yes, you read that correctly) at the Wichita County Zoo that was every bit as badass as it sounds
  • the failed, but intriguing 2-in-1 Ovidian series of Nike shoes that turned inside out

Sneakerature’s Take: Utilizing a snapshot style approach, this book is an interesting, informative and very cool tableau of the four Nike design studios (Footwear, Apparel, Equipment and Image Design) at the turn of the century.


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