New Balance Craftsmanship & Imagination

New Balance Craftsmanship and ImaginationPublisher: Sneaker Freaker

Publication Date: 2011

Author(s): Sneaker Freaker

Language: English

ISBN: None

64 Pages

In 2011 Sneaker Freaker teamed up with New Balance to ‘not’ release a limited run 64 page magazine documenting the history of NB, as well as many of the rarest, most coveted pairs.  It includes interviews with some of the most well-known collectors (with pictures of their rarest pairs, of course) including Shigeyuki Kuni, DJ Mars, Matt Kyte, Evgeny Pustarnakov, and Prince Jamal himself, Marcel Holzmann.  The mag chronicled NB’s technologies, advertisements, various collaborations, designs, designers and more.

“New Balance is a company that has always fostered fans who sweat the details, and in their own iconoclastic way, are a mirror image of the brand they admire so much. Quiet, devoted, stubborn, polite and modestly confident, New Balance has never needed a megaphone to make itself heard.” – page 1

Sneakerature’s take – Despite it’s length of only 64 pages, this is an absolute must-have for those that have NB running through their blood.  As with most of Sneaker Freaker’s brand books/publications, this is not an easy one to get your hands on. Its scarcity is by no means a result of a desire to drive demand however; rather it’s an alignment of two organizations with mutual above-average self-concepts and emotional intelligence.

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