Enduring Performance The New Balance Story

Enduring Performance the New Balance StoryEnduring Performance The New Balance Story

Publisher: New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc., Matt Thayer Design

Publication Date: 2006

Language: English


OCLC: 71122256

Released in 2006 as part of the centennial celebration of New Balance, this book looks back upon and celebrates everything New Balance.  It documents the ups and downs that inevitably occur in a company that is around for 100 years, and offers a rare glimpse into the mainframe of the private company.

“Our company has not endured 100 years by accident.  Doing it ‘the NB way’ has made all the difference…Today we’re looked upon as an industry leader.  It wasn’t always that way.  Even internally, we didn’t always realize, while we quietly went about our business, that we were at the forefront of performance, fit and manufacturing in an industry driven by hype and gimmicks.  This book is your story…May we never lose sight of where we came from and what got us to where we are.” – Anne & Jim Davis

Sneakerature’s take – One of the favorite books in our library. An insider’s look at how New Balance has stuck to their guns time and again, and remained a stalwart in an industry marked by companies going up and down along a parabolic growth curve.

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